Time that Try Men’s Souls

There is a monumental task ahead of us. We want to restore the country to the former glory that was gifted to us through blood and war. The founders endured a long train of abuses before they even stepped foot on a battlefield. Today, people tend to take the easiest route. They want the least struggle with the most reward, but that will never happen. There must be ample effort in order to receive a sufficient reward. The part of a restorer is not simple. We will struggle. We will cry. We will bleed. We will have toils, but we will ensure. Not because it’s easy. Because we must. Because it is right. Thomas Paine rightly declared, “tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.” We have been under the influence of tyranny for decades now;it will not be easily shrugged off. However, the end result will be so worth it. We are pursuing the noblest course and will be justly rewarded in the long run. If freedom is what you desire, you cannot simply skate by. When we expect the lowest effort, we put in the lowest effort.

Despite the continual battle we have before us, there is still a chance of happiness. Happiness is found when your soul is in a good state, and what is a better state than the pursuance of pure liberty? Virtue and happiness are found together. We will be happy when we act virtuously. People go to all lengths to find a little bit of pleasure. Why is it so far a stretch then when virtue is concerned? Shall we not push back as hard as we can to overpower the tyrants? I know for me, it is no question. I will gladly fight for my freedom till I can no more, especially knowing what great reward awaits me whether or not I succeed. Are you willing to endure the torment? If not, ask yourself what liberty really means to you. I, for one, stand with Thomas Paine: “Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”

Yours Truly,


Seeing Those Around You

Sometimes we sit alone in a room, or are surrounded by people and simply feel alone. There are forces that are really good at making us feel like being a “peculiar people” is bad and means we have no one there to support or uplift us. They make us feel alone, and loneliness can be scary. However, I will once again shout, we are never alone, and we never will be when we know what we are doing is right. Our unique purpose, our goal, takes us further from the world’s idea of “normal” but brings us closer to each other. Light attracts light and virtue attracts virtue.

I have recently been reminded of this as I was approached by a friend who has been diligently fighting for the cause of freedom but who wants to get his voice out there even more. He calls himself Pharos, and he shared with me these wise words: “Our individuality is what makes us diverse, what makes us great. We all have unique gifts, and we all have unique callings, but we all have the same purpose. That purpose is to progress. In order to achieve this goal, we were given guidelines, and the duty to enlighten others. Our time is running out. We must discover ourselves. Who we are. What we are truly capable of. And what we were called to do. And once we do that, we must come together, and use our unique perspectives and gifts to lift each other up and to shine a light for the rest of the world. I believe strongly that I must set forth a beacon of truth. Will you join me?”

On our path to liberty, we will never be alone. Those who are virtuous and who seek for the same thing are there for you, supporting you, and waiting to do more. We just must open our eyes and see it.

Yours truly, Publius

Celebrating the Life of Algernon Sidney

Today is the 396th birthday of Algernon Sidney. For those of you who may not know, Algernon Sidney was a advocate for liberty all throughout his life, setting an example for those who would follow him. His most famous work, Discourses Concerning Government, was one that inspired many to fight for liberty, including the founding fathers. They read his works and looked up it his mighty example. In 1683, Algernon Sidney was accused of treason against the king for his writings, and was unlawfully sentenced to be executed. He was given the chance to take back what he had written and live, but he was not afraid of death because he knew he would leave the world showing all those who came after him that liberty is worth it. He was not concerned with his life, but only about those who could learn from him. December of that year, Sidney died as a martyr for liberty and sealed the truth of the words he had written.

Before he died, he gave a speech with some powerful words. At the end of this speech, as he drew closer to the end of his life, he proclaimed his purpose in writing and in dying, which was to “stir up such as are faint, direct those that are willing, confirm those that waver, give wisdom and integrity unto all.” This is the purpose he established for himself, and the one we are striving to carry on today. All of our words and actions should point toward this purpose, keeping in mind the sacrifice Sidney, and countless other men and women, made for this same reason. Today, as we reflect on the life this amazing man lived, we should also reflect on the lives we have lived so far. Have you lived in a way that continues to complete this goal that Sidney created? What are you willing to sacrifice for liberty?

Yours truly,


Why I Love Liberty

Throughout all of history there have been accounts of people fighting for liberty, obtaining it, losing virtue, and therefore losing that liberty. Then, as the years go on, the cycle has repeated itself. An important question to think about sometimes is, where are we right now in that cycle? Where do we want to be? Some people may be satisfied with the “benefits” that come from tyranny, while others recognize that the blessings that come from liberty surpass all others. The founding fathers loved liberty. They treasured it and gave their lives for it, and they set an example for us so we can do the same. Something I wanted to share is why I love liberty and why it is important to me.

I love liberty because it allows those with righteous desires to do all the good they are inclined to do. Liberty brings all those who choose to go down a viscous path to justice and holds them accountable. It helps people, both young and old, see what they are capable of and what they deserve. It helps people reach the potential that they have. I love liberty because with it, all those who seek knowledge will have complete freedom to find it and learn what they want to learn. Not only this, but it teaches parents that they have the ultimate power over their child’s education and they can raise them to do amazing things they never thought possible. I love liberty because it creates a society of people who love and care about each other; people who lift each other up instead of tear them down.

These are only some of the basic blessings that come from liberty, and they are not too far out of reach! We can begin with ourselves and as we are virtuous, we can do good, learn more, lift others, and teach others. Then, as the message spreads to others the blessings of liberty spread with it, and it becomes its own cycle. I love liberty because it makes me, and all others who experience it, happy! It brings real and true joy that is rarely felt otherwise. Now, the most important question is, is it worth it? Will you follow the examples of those how came before and love liberty enough to truly fight for it?

Yours truly,


Liberty: Through Thick and Thin

Thomas Jefferson declared that “the boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave.” I have written a countless number of times about why this is true, but it is becoming more evident in my life that there is more than just sacrificing time, popularity, or even your life. I believe it is safe to say that each of us encounters trials and hardships on a daily basis, and there are some that are harder than others. During the times when you seem to be dealing with more than you had bargained for, it becomes much easier to make up an excuse as to why you cannot fight for the cause of liberty at that time. The struggles you face may make you feel like you have too much on your plate so you cannot continue to pursue the things you were before. To put it simply; these trials may make it easier for you to give up. However; difficult times are no reason to give up, in fact, they should only push you to work harder, as impossible as that may seem. Trails are what challenge you, and only as you endure through them can you see what you are truly capable of. The world is hard, and it likes to throw unexpected events in your way, but sometimes what helps is looking at those hard times with a different perspective. The definition of a trial is “a test of the performance, qualities, or suitability of someone”. Yes, they can be hard. But once you see them for what they truly are, tests of your strength, it becomes easier to navigate through them. I know that this does not make it effortless, and sometimes it is okay to have moments to just sit down, take a deep breathe, and remind yourself that it is all going to work out. Do not forget, however, that you are simply being tested, and the best way to pass the test is to keep trying your best until time is up. Do not see the first difficult problem and give up, work through it no matter how long it takes! Sometimes the hardest part about fighting for liberty is keeping up with your commitment to do so when the world seems to be crashing down, but by doing so you prove yourself and the load you are carrying actually seems to feel a little lighter. Know you are not alone in this cause and that you never will be, and that it is so worth it to continue in it through thick and thin. Throughout this new year, I have made it a goal to be able to recognize that hard times become easier as I keep doing what is right, even when it may not feel like it, so I can better myself and hopefully those around me. As you think about your goals for this year, I hope you consider that as well, for it will only bring you happiness.

To end, we wanted to thank all of those who have continued to support us and the cause for liberty throughout 2018. We can’t wait too see what 2019 has in store!

Yours truly,