Why I Love Liberty

Throughout all of history there have been accounts of people fighting for liberty, obtaining it, losing virtue, and therefore losing that liberty. Then, as the years go on, the cycle has repeated itself. An important question to think about sometimes is, where are we right now in that cycle? Where do we want to be? Some people may be satisfied with the “benefits” that come from tyranny, while others recognize that the blessings that come from liberty surpass all others. The founding fathers loved liberty. They treasured it and gave their lives for it, and they set an example for us so we can do the same. Something I wanted to share is why I love liberty and why it is important to me.

I love liberty because it allows those with righteous desires to do all the good they are inclined to do. Liberty brings all those who choose to go down a viscous path to justice and holds them accountable. It helps people, both young and old, see what they are capable of and what they deserve. It helps people reach the potential that they have. I love liberty because with it, all those who seek knowledge will have complete freedom to find it and learn what they want to learn. Not only this, but it teaches parents that they have the ultimate power over their child’s education and they can raise them to do amazing things they never thought possible. I love liberty because it creates a society of people who love and care about each other; people who lift each other up instead of tear them down.

These are only some of the basic blessings that come from liberty, and they are not too far out of reach! We can begin with ourselves and as we are virtuous, we can do good, learn more, lift others, and teach others. Then, as the message spreads to others the blessings of liberty spread with it, and it becomes its own cycle. I love liberty because it makes me, and all others who experience it, happy! It brings real and true joy that is rarely felt otherwise. Now, the most important question is, is it worth it? Will you follow the examples of those how came before and love liberty enough to truly fight for it?

Yours truly,


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