Seeing Those Around You

Sometimes we sit alone in a room, or are surrounded by people and simply feel alone. There are forces that are really good at making us feel like being a “peculiar people” is bad and means we have no one there to support or uplift us. They make us feel alone, and loneliness can be scary. However, I will once again shout, we are never alone, and we never will be when we know what we are doing is right. Our unique purpose, our goal, takes us further from the world’s idea of “normal” but brings us closer to each other. Light attracts light and virtue attracts virtue.

I have recently been reminded of this as I was approached by a friend who has been diligently fighting for the cause of freedom but who wants to get his voice out there even more. He calls himself Pharos, and he shared with me these wise words: “Our individuality is what makes us diverse, what makes us great. We all have unique gifts, and we all have unique callings, but we all have the same purpose. That purpose is to progress. In order to achieve this goal, we were given guidelines, and the duty to enlighten others. Our time is running out. We must discover ourselves. Who we are. What we are truly capable of. And what we were called to do. And once we do that, we must come together, and use our unique perspectives and gifts to lift each other up and to shine a light for the rest of the world. I believe strongly that I must set forth a beacon of truth. Will you join me?”

On our path to liberty, we will never be alone. Those who are virtuous and who seek for the same thing are there for you, supporting you, and waiting to do more. We just must open our eyes and see it.

Yours truly, Publius

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