Time that Try Men’s Souls

There is a monumental task ahead of us. We want to restore the country to the former glory that was gifted to us through blood and war. The founders endured a long train of abuses before they even stepped foot on a battlefield. Today, people tend to take the easiest route. They want the least struggle with the most reward, but that will never happen. There must be ample effort in order to receive a sufficient reward. The part of a restorer is not simple. We will struggle. We will cry. We will bleed. We will have toils, but we will ensure. Not because it’s easy. Because we must. Because it is right. Thomas Paine rightly declared, “tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.” We have been under the influence of tyranny for decades now;it will not be easily shrugged off. However, the end result will be so worth it. We are pursuing the noblest course and will be justly rewarded in the long run. If freedom is what you desire, you cannot simply skate by. When we expect the lowest effort, we put in the lowest effort.

Despite the continual battle we have before us, there is still a chance of happiness. Happiness is found when your soul is in a good state, and what is a better state than the pursuance of pure liberty? Virtue and happiness are found together. We will be happy when we act virtuously. People go to all lengths to find a little bit of pleasure. Why is it so far a stretch then when virtue is concerned? Shall we not push back as hard as we can to overpower the tyrants? I know for me, it is no question. I will gladly fight for my freedom till I can no more, especially knowing what great reward awaits me whether or not I succeed. Are you willing to endure the torment? If not, ask yourself what liberty really means to you. I, for one, stand with Thomas Paine: “Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”

Yours Truly,


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