The Road to Happiness

Peter of the Old Testament spoke that those that are happy are those who “suffer for righteous sake”, but why is this? We live in a world where anything that has to do with enduring or suffering is immediately seen as something that has nothing to do with happiness and should be avoided at all costs. However, Cicero agrees with Peter’s statement when he says that those who can be seen as happy are those who learn to sacrifice and endure. The question still remains as to why this is, though the answer is simple; people are happiest when they have a purpose. This is why it seems everyone is trying to be busy in some way, because it is their attempt to be “productive”, therefore making themselves happy. But just because you are busy does not guarantee you are happy. You must be busy doing the work you are meant to be doing. Everything has a purpose, including people, and those who have the most joy are those who recognize what their purpose and worth is and recognize the purpose and worth of the people and things around them. For example, many people place the most worth in money, but those who seem to have the biggest smiles are those who value family over cash. Obtaining that joy we all so greatly desire is a matter of finding what you are meant to accomplish and speedily working to accomplish it. Instead of filling our lives with things to make us busy, we need to fill our minds with things that will, as Cicero says, keep us busy while doing nothing. There is great virtue and joy that comes from earnestly striving to find that which you are meant to do and actually being willing to undertake whatever task is placed before you. If you are at a point when you are seeking for the happiness you seem to lack, I urge you to read wise words, study them out, and do whatever is necessary for you to find and accomplish the work that is set before you.

Yours truly,


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