True Geniuses

In Cicero’s Republic, he goes over everything that went into making making the Roman republic as grand as it was. One of the many reasons came from the Roman Constitution. He states, “Our Roman Constitution, on the contrary, did not spring from the genius of an individual, but of many; and it was established, not in the lifetime of a man, but in the course of ages and centuries.” In this thought appears so many parallels to the constitution that was established in our nation. It was not created by a mere man, but by a convention of the greatest minds of their time. Nor was it made up of the ideas found in a single lifetime. James Madison made sure that our constitution was founded on the best principles scattered throughout all of history. The United States’ Constitution was a collaboration by the best from every generation, not only the founding. And, as Cicero continues, “all of the geniuses in the world united in a single mind, could never, within the limits of a single life, exert a foresight sufficiently extensive to embrace and harmonize all, without the aid of experience and practice.” The only reason that the founders were able to provide such a strong basis for our country was their experience and practice. They brought together 13 strong and independent countries into a confederacy powerful enough to overthrow a great empire not because of luck, but because of the knowledge they had been cultivating their entire lives. They had practice doing the right thing and knew what was best. If we ever want to follow in their footsteps, we must do it completely. We must gain the knowledge of the world’s true geniuses and study the experiences of the truest patriots who have come before us. Only then can we come together to reinstate the order which once was highly regarded in our country. It will not be found in the skill and wisdom of a single lifetime, but the conglomeration of every century that has passed.

Yours truly, 


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