Words of Inspiration

Nothing inspires the mind and heart like a book. Whether it is about history, philosophy, or even for pleasure, we can often learn by sitting and reading a good book. Henry David Thoreau taught that, “a truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it, and commence living on its hint. What I began reading, I must finish by acting.”

Good words inspire and uplift! They motivate us to become better than who we were when we began reading. Even as we sit to read a fairytale or a fictional novel, there are lessons we can learn that help us progress. However, while reading often gives us much needed inspiration or motivation, it can also lead us away from progression. Harmful words cause us to think dangerous thoughts, and we must be careful of them.

Be cautious as you pick up a book to read, but as you do, remember all the possibilities a good book can hold. Remember to be seeking ways to better yourself as you read. Learn from the facts, the lessons, and the stories. They can all hold immense value for you. Remember the importance of knowledge and all that can be gained from what you read. Nothing can surpass the knowledge gained from reading and the actions preformed after you’ve done so.

Yours truly,


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