On Common Sense

We all have heard of the famous pamphlet, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and I could go on and on about it’s amazing contents, but what I wanted to focus on right now is its title. If Paine was writing this pamphlet to share information people were lacking, why would he have titled it the way he did? Not because everyone knew the information already, but because everyone should. He knew that once it was laid out for them they would more easily see that that knowledge was necessary and true. What Paine was teaching truly was common sense, but people had just forgotten it for a bit.

Today, our society seems to have steered away from those principles taught in 1776, but each of us has an innate knowledge that these principles are true, and can therefore be classified as common sense. When we take time to study and gain knowledge, those things that may have seemed foreign or “old fashioned” suddenly take on a new meaning, and you can feel their power and truthfulness as if it you knew them all along. Follow that common sense that is telling you that these things are true. We all have a desire to be free, we just need to know how to get there.

Yours truly,


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