“Freedom is the English subject’s Prerogative.”

Today marks the 256th anniversary of the publication of the 45th issue of The North Briton by John Wilkes. In it, he criticized several public ministers, including the king, thus sparking both outrage and acclamation. Those who supported him and those who supported the sacred cause of liberty were heard to shout “Wilkes and Liberty!” and “45!”

Today, our liberties are threatened. Not from a foreign invader, but from the inside. We’ve ceased to be virtuous, thus allowing corruption to fester and grow. We’ve ceased to be valiant; we’re too afraid to stand up on our own. We’ve ceased to be vigilant, causing us to become ignorant. We’ve allowed ourselves to become distracted. The media, celebrities, politicians all demand our attention, and what do we do? We practically drown them in it.

Now is the time to rise up and be vigilant, valiant, and virtuous. Now is the time to spread Freedom’s Fire. Now is the time to join the inexorable cause of freedom.

To Wilkes, and that forever sacred cause


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