Push Them Forward

Sorry for the late posting! Something happened yesterday and the post didn’t go through. Here is this week’s entry!

In the coming days when our preparation is called into practice, it may seem overwhelming to suddenly be much farther along than others around you. Some of us may find ourselves in places of power or authority due to our developing knowledge and virtue, or we may be looked to as a guide to help others prosper. As Tacitus wrote, “Indeed, the crowning proof of their valor and strength is that they keep up their superiority without harm to others.” In many ways, there will be a sense of superiority amongst us. But it is important to keep a level head. It has been said that power corrupts, and even the most virtuous can sometimes be swayed by the temptation to push their limits.

I believe one of the keys to remaining virtuous while in a position of power is to remember where you started. We all were introduced to the principles of liberty and virtue in very similar ways, and we worked our way through books and readings like everyone else. Anyone could have the knowledge we gained. Anyone can work hard to be where we are. If we believe that everyone has the same possibilities, it is hard to feel superior. Because we all have the possibility to be virtuous. There is no need to prove our valor through harm and violence. That goes against the key principles we are upholding. Instead, we should strive to prove our experience through teaching and demonstrating. If we really believe in liberty, we must believe in it for all men. So, if we are trusted with a position of power, we must use it to give the people the liberty they deserve. We should use our superiority as a way to show the people the best way for life. 

We were chosen for a reason. We were presented with this information and the option to pursue it. Now, it is our responsibility to spread the wealth. We will be looked to as the guides for a better future, the future we are meant to have. We must not do harm to others; we must only push them forward. 

Yours Truly,


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