Don’t Be Discouraged

This week we want to introduce everyone to a guest contributor, Pharos. They are a great friend to the cause of liberty, and we are honored to have them write something for us. It is important to recognize those around us who dedicate themselves to this cause. It is also important to show that we are not alone in this cause. Feel free to contact us if you ever want to find other outlets for liberty or if you have any ideas/suggestions for future writing and projects. Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Don’t be discouraged.

Liberty is not an easy path. It comes with many responsibilities, some of which may seem inconvenient or unnecessary at times. You will be mocked, threatened, and despised for desiring to go down this path. You may even feel as though you are alone on this path.

But you are not alone. No amount of mocking, threatening, or hate will ruin the benefits of liberty. And all of the responsibilities, overwhelming as they may seem, will be worth it. The ability to act and be as one pleases is more precious than gold. Cherish it, and be not discouraged.


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