Knowledge Give Us Perspective

I’m ashamed to admit I am just now realizing how long it has been since America Restored has had a new post. As my high school life ended and I began college and living a more independent life, my focus shifted to other projects and unfortunately it seems this blog got lost in all the craziness that comes with figuring out this new life.

However, in these past months I’ve had a chance to figure out what I want and where I stand. I had a chance to think about all that I had learned from my friends, parents, and teachers and what I wanted to do with the knowledge that I had gained. I’m still young and am just beginning my journey, but as I continue to read the words of those men who knew the truth about virtue and liberty and felt they had a duty to share that truth with the world, they continue to inspire me. When I began America Restored when I was 15, I felt that duty as well. I knew I was being given knowledge that needed to be shared. Now, nearly four years later, my knowledge has grown along with my desire to share it. I read over the words that I have written, both publicly and privately, over those four years and realize that I have always had that desire. My perspective has changed in the time I have been away from America Restored, but my motivation for writing has not.

As we all get older, we will gain more knowledge which in turn will lead us to new perspectives. This does not mean we should change our objectives if they are good, but maybe change the way we approach them. That knowledge that changes the way we see things could be the very thing we need to accomplish our goals.

Yours truly,


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