Why are we doing this?

We’re a couple of devoted students with an extremely enthusiastic History Teacher who has awoken a personal mission within us. We have vowed to start as early as we can with doing the same in others. Our mission is to work to restore the constitution in modern day society. We know that task in front of us, and we know the criticism we’ll face. Despite all of this, we’re willing to do whatever it takes for others to have the opportunity to live as the founding fathers wanted. 


JFK once said, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” Don’t just say, oh well, America was good while it lasted. We can change. The first step is education. Get involved, become engaged in America. Don’t let the constitution become ignored. If we don’t try, maybe we don’t deserve the constitution our nation has been blessed with. If we do try, there’s still hope for us, because the brightest lights will shine in the dark.