The Value of Individual Liberty

So many times I have written about the “precious jewel” that is liberty. I’ve written about how to preserve it, it’s importance, and it’s value, and once again I wish to discuss this “noble subject”, as it is called by Thomas Gordon. As I continue to try to explain just how valuable liberty is, I continue to run into the same problem, one that Gordon also encountered. As I try to explain it, I notice that “language fails in it, and words are too weak.” Nothing I say or write can do any justice to the precious gift and blessing that liberty is and express how valuable it should be in our lives, but I can do my best to try.

There were and are a countless number of people who would give anything to preserve individual liberty. As everyone knows, Patrick Henry even said, “give me liberty or give me death!” And he was not the only one who felt that way. Not only this, but people lived they’re entire lives dedicated to liberty, giving up their lives in a different way. What other intangible gift has had such an effect on mankind that would cause them to die, or live, just to preserve it? I can think of very few.

Those who are governed by liberty are those who love their neighbors and strive to help not only themselves, but all those around them. Liberty is being free to do whatever you see fit as long as you don’t intrude on another’s liberty. What a wonderful society that would be to live in! Where everyone loves and trusts each other and loves and cherishes liberty.

Liberty is not a past gift that we can never obtain. It is not something we learn about in history books and old journals. Liberty is priceless, beloved, and one of the most important gifts we have been given today. “Give is that precious jewel, and you may take everything else!”

I know it is impossible for me to fully express the value of this jewel, but I plead with you, strive to understand it, for it is one of the most important things to understand. Strive to value it, so that you may be willing to fight for it. I promise you, it is just as relevant to do so today as it was 250 years ago, if not more so.

“We, who enjoy the precious, lovely, and invaluable blessing of liberty, know that nothing can be paid too dear to preserve it” -Gordon

Yours truly,


Hope for the Future, Because of the Past

It can be discouraging looking back at all the incredible things the men and women who came before us were able to accomplish and what they sacrificed for us, yet we wait here idly for someone else to fix the many problems that we face today. I often think how they became the people they were and what more I can do to become like them and what I can do to restore the united states of America to what they used to be.

Fortunately, Alexis De Tocqueville said, “If it were possible for us to go back to the elements of societies and examine the first memorials of their history, I am certain that we would be able to discover there the first cause of the prejudices, dominant passions, of all that ultimately composes what is called the national character”, in other words, if you go back to a nation’s roots, there you will find what makes up that particular country and what its potential is. When I read this, it gave me great hope because though we may not have an abundance of liberty today, at one time, we did. The men who formed this country were men who loved liberty, and who, as William J. Watkins, Jr. said, ” ‘observed that they were duty bound to defend their liberties’ and ‘to hand them down to future generations.'” Most men at that time, actually did not want to become independent from Great Britain; however, they knew their responsibilities, and that they needed to sacrifice everything they had to make sure they fulfilled those duties. So if De Tocqueville is right, then we have great cause to rejoice because we have the potential to be just as they were then. They fulfilled their responsibilities,  defended their liberties, and passed them down to future generations, and even though we do not have most of those liberties today, we should never feel discouraged. They gave us an assurance that we can restore those liberties in the future if we put worldly desires aside, and take up virtue, knowledge, and courage. The united states of America were “‘led to greatness by the hand of Liberty” and unfortunately are “now forging chains for her Friends and Children'” but that is not how it has to stay. I promise you, restoring liberty is not a lost cause, it will happen! If we fulfill the duties we have now, liberty will undoubtedly be restored.

With hope and joy,