The Value of Individual Liberty

So many times I have written about the “precious jewel” that is liberty. I’ve written about how to preserve it, it’s importance, and it’s value, and once again I wish to discuss this “noble subject”, as it is called by Thomas Gordon. As I continue to try to explain just how valuable liberty is, I continue to run into the same problem, one that Gordon also encountered. As I try to explain it, I notice that “language fails in it, and words are too weak.” Nothing I say or write can do any justice to the precious gift and blessing that liberty is and express how valuable it should be in our lives, but I can do my best to try.

There were and are a countless number of people who would give anything to preserve individual liberty. As everyone knows, Patrick Henry even said, “give me liberty or give me death!” And he was not the only one who felt that way. Not only this, but people lived they’re entire lives dedicated to liberty, giving up their lives in a different way. What other intangible gift has had such an effect on mankind that would cause them to die, or live, just to preserve it? I can think of very few.

Those who are governed by liberty are those who love their neighbors and strive to help not only themselves, but all those around them. Liberty is being free to do whatever you see fit as long as you don’t intrude on another’s liberty. What a wonderful society that would be to live in! Where everyone loves and trusts each other and loves and cherishes liberty.

Liberty is not a past gift that we can never obtain. It is not something we learn about in history books and old journals. Liberty is priceless, beloved, and one of the most important gifts we have been given today. “Give is that precious jewel, and you may take everything else!”

I know it is impossible for me to fully express the value of this jewel, but I plead with you, strive to understand it, for it is one of the most important things to understand. Strive to value it, so that you may be willing to fight for it. I promise you, it is just as relevant to do so today as it was 250 years ago, if not more so.

“We, who enjoy the precious, lovely, and invaluable blessing of liberty, know that nothing can be paid too dear to preserve it” -Gordon

Yours truly,


Pursue True Liberty

In Alexis De Tocqueville’s book, Democracy in America, he cautioned, “[l]et us not be mistaken about what we must understand by our independence. There is in fact a kind of corrupt liberty, the use of which is common to animals as it is to man, and which consists of doing whatever you please.” I would not call this liberty, but false liberty. It is the enemy to true and moral liberty. There are many who will try to convince you that you need to be able to do whatever you wish without any consequences in order to be free, but that is why this false liberty is so dangerous. This causes wickedness, instead of virtue, and ignorance, rather than wisdom. Even Algernon Sidney advised, “for being careless of their liberty, or unable to govern themselves, were by Aristotle and other wise men called slaves by nature, and looked upon as little different from beasts.” Both of these men realized that if we are not wise enough to care for our own liberty, or the liberty of others, we become slaves and there is not much that sets us apart from the animals. Real liberty allows others to govern themselves, while still being subject to the consequences that come if they fail to do so correctly. It is a blessing that benefits everyone, rather than a curse that destroys. It is doing whatever you please, without harming the life, liberty, or property of others. This, as Alexis De Tocqueville says, “is the liberty to do without fear…This holy liberty we must defend at all costs, and if necessary, at risk of our life.”

Do not be fooled into believing that your circumstances prevent you from being able to fight for what you know to be true. Everyone on this earth was blessed with the ability to discern right from wrong, and that is all you need to restore personal virtue which is what leads to true liberty. Finally, I want to once again remind you of the incredible examples from the past that we can look to to accomplish this. I beg you to read the words of Algernon Sidney, Alexis De Tocqueville, Cicero, and other amazing men; do not just take my word for it. Study the words of these men, and you will know for a surety that what we write is true. They valued liberty more than anyone and now we must get it back.

Yours truly,