Choose to Forgive

“To err is human; to forgive, is divine.” -Alexander Pope

Every single person makes mistakes. Even those you hold in the highest esteem have their shortcomings. As we go about our day to day lives, there will be people who mess up, and sometimes those mistakes will effect us in a negative way and it becomes hard. We cannot, however, allow what people do to us to overcome us.

Forgiving others can be extremely difficult, especially when what they have done to you has caused you a lot of pain, but the pain only grows as we hold resentment toward others. When we forgive, it not only helps the person you’re choosing to forgive, it benefits you as well. Forgiveness is divine which means it can only lead to virtue. The more you choose to forgive, the more you grow personally and the closer you become to personal virtue.

Shakespeare declared, “sweet mercy is nobility’s true badge.” When we choose to forgive others, it demonstrates our strength, meekness, and kindness. It truly is a badge that we show when we are strong enough to forgive.

And as we make mistakes, we must also choose to forgive ourselves. Only by forgiving ourselves and others can we truly be happy. Benjamin Franklin taught, “Do not fear mistakes. Continue to reach out.” Do not allow the mistakes of others or yourself to limit or define you. Getting caught up in what others have done to you or what you have done to others only enslaves you, but forgiveness takes away that burden. I invite you to constantly strive to demonstrate your kindness, strength, and virtue and choose to forgive.

Yours truly,


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