In Memoriam

This week we have a special post on Thursday honoring the memory of a great contributor to the cause of liberty. This post will serve as last Saturday’s and this coming Saturday’s. So make sure to check back on the 26th for our next post! This is also another guest article. If there is ever a topic you want us to discuss, an piece of writing you think we should read, or someone you’d like to hear from, please let us know on our Instagram, Twitter, or email. Thank you for your continued support, Publius.

October 17th marks the 222nd anniversary of the death of John Wilkes. 

A patriot and advocate for liberty, he was known and supported among the American rebels especially after his pamphlet series, “The North Briton”, number 45 being of notable fame. 

Today, let us carry on the torch of liberty and remember those before us who have sacrificed their lives and sacred honor to allow us even a glimpse of its bright flame. Remember, remember that freedom is worth every drop of blood required to preserve it, for it has been bestowed upon us by that same God who gave us life. 


For more information on John Wilkes and how his writings apply to us, check out this article written by a friend of our cause:

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