What Was Sacrificed for Us.

John Adams declared “You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.”
We try to understand the sacrifices given so that we may live in a free country today but how could we? The loss, heartbreak, pain, and suffering so many had to endure is beyond our comprehension. The heroic tales we’ve been told only cover half the story. We never hear about the nights so many of those heroes probably had where they felt as if they couldn’t do it another day. They fought with everything they had for us. Why did they do it? Why would they risk their lives even though most of them wouldn’t even live to see this country succeed. They knew that though it they may not see it in their life time, the generations after them would live a better life, and that was enough for them.
Think about them now. All those who we know as heroes today and even those we don’t know the name of who fought just as hard and gave everything they had. What would they think of our country today? Would they be proud, or fall on their knees in despair? Most of us are truly grateful for all those who gave so much but we need to show it. With all the knowledge you have, teach others, so they may teach others. If you have been warned, then warn others so they won’t get hurt either.
Have you ever felt that feeling when you feel like something needs to be done? Chances are, most of us have. Our instincts tell us something is wrong but we have been taught to ignore it. The amazing people we discussed before felt those same feelings but instead of ignoring it, they actually took a stand that had an incredible outcome. Imagine what we could accomplish! Everyone may tell us we can’t win, but once enough people are taught and we’re United, there’s no doubt that we can win. We can win because we’re doing it for the right reasons. In the War for Independence, there seemed like absolutely no way the Americans could win the fight but they did! They won because they were determined to create a free country for their families and their posterity.
Let us not forget all the sacrifices that have been made in our behalf. We need to honor those who came before by upholding what they fought for. I am inspired by these men and women who did so much so that we could live in this amazing place.
Yours truly,

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