Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Up

“If good men do not involve themselves in the management of the republic, then the good will always be governed by those who are worse than themselves.” – Plato


In a world of dark choices being glorified, it may seem that virtue is not the right path. However, we know this is not true. You may say that it is a difficult path, and this can be true. We vote for our representatives, but looking at the world now, it’s easy to see that the virtuous choice is not the majority. Just because your opinion is not the majority does not mean it can’t be voiced. That’s what we’re all about. Stand up and speak your mind. Write to the world how you believe. People won’t agree, people never always agree. There were Federalist and Anti-Fedaralist papers because they had different opinions. We do have to except who the majority votes for because that’s how our government works. However, we do not have to quietly accept everything they decide. The founding fathers were unhappy with what the British Government decided, so they rose up and fought. Not everyone agreed, there were still loyalists. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and is perfectly capable to express it. Don’t just let things happen. If we do, everything will be taken from us. Rise up, everyone, and speak your mind. But don’t expect everyone to defend it. If someone does, you know they’re one of the chosen, like everyone reading this now. I can’t wait to see what’ll come next.

Yours Truly,

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