Let Us Not Ignore the Constituion

If you take a look at the people we allow to rule over us today, you may realize that they make a large amount of promises, all of which, are unconstitutional promises. It’s one thing for the citizens of a nation to discard their constitution, although that should never happen, but it’s a whole other thing for the leaders of a nation to undermine the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson said “the greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.”  It has come to a point, when the residents don’t know the truths and the opportunities the Constitution gives, and the government not only doesn’t know of the Constitution’s boundaries, but completely ignores the existence of the Constitution. Liberty cannot dwell unless the Constitution is the sole protector of the nation. There is nothing sweeter than freedom. Since none of us have yet known a time Liberty is at hand, I challenge you all to read the writings of the wise men who came before us. These are men who new what it meant to be truly free. http://oll.libertyfund.org/pages/founding-father-s-library  This link contains the same words the founding fathers read, the same words which inspired them and helped them become the people they are known to be.

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