You Are Not Alone

Every time we publish an entry each week, we try to envision the lessons we are attempting to teach but in all honesty, we have no idea what you learn from each entry. Everyone’s perspective is completely different and there’s no way to fully know how to get the same message across to each person, however, we hope you all have this in common, we hope each of you can feel the importance of the things which we write about. We realize it may be difficult to acknowledge the significance of these principles because if you do, you have a duty to use the knowledge you now have to protect your liberty, and the liberty of everyone else, and that is a hard thing to take on… we get it. But remember this, you are not alone. There are many others around the country today striving for the same thing you are, and there are even more from the past, cheering you on, knowing that what you’re doing is right. Remember all those who came before us, those who sacrificed everything for their liberty and your liberty. They would not have given their time, money, and even their lives if they did not firmly believe liberty was worth saving. Cling to the examples of your ancestors and the people who live today who all strive for change. It wasn’t and isn’t easy for them, it isn’t easy for us, and it won’t be easy for you but Henry B. Eyring said “If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill.” Look around you, there are so many people climbing up the hill with you, and there are also those who already climbed the hill, and they are anxiously waiting to show you how great the view is. You are not alone. You will never be alone.


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