Look to the Constitution

When I published the first entry to America Restored, I was inspired by the men who wrote the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers. For this reason, the very first words I put on our website were “the new Federalist papers”. The Federalists and Anti-Federalists both loved liberty, and had differing opinions on what would be best to secure it, but both had amazing insights and ideas that have taught thousands of us today. The Federalists ultimately won the debate and because of this we were given our Constitution today. The Anti-Federalist papers had just as many, if not more good ideas and incredible principles, but the reason I chose to call America Restored the new Federalist papers, is because the Federalists stood up for the Constitution, which is what we are trying to do today.

If we will support the Constitution at all times, then it will be the key for us to restore liberty. An amazing teacher of mine, Joe Wolverton, repeatedly declares, “The Constitution. Every issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses. No respecter of persons.” We cannot simply pick and choose when we will and will not support this document; we must be constantly fighting for it. The Constitution draws the barriers between government, and tyranny. Once someone takes a power that is not expressly given to them in the Constitution, it is an act of tyranny and must be put to an end immediately. We cannot expect those governing over us to stay within their bounds unless we stop them from doing so. Any unconstitutional act must be stopped, no matter what sacrifices we have to make, otherwise, it continues to grow. This is why America Restored was started in the first place. Eighteen months ago, I decided I was not going to sit back and watch people continue to step outside the boundaries of the Constitution without doing anything. Stand up, and don’t allow the tyranny to continue to grow. It has been let out and the only way we can trap it again is by forcing it back within its constitutional cage. We have been, and will continue to strive to become the New Federalist papers by supporting the Constitution with “every issue. Every time. No exceptions and no excuses.”

Yours truly,


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