Constitution Day

This past Tuesday, September 17th, was Constitution Day. This day was signed in by President Eisenhower on August 2nd, 1956 with the purpose to promote the study and education of the Constitution, originally written at the 1787 Convention. When thinking back on our constitution and how it came to be, it is hard not to think of the father of the constitution, James Madison. His seemingly endless preparation for the constitutional convention and his dedication to the document once written are some of the most influential reasons as to why the constitution is such a one-of-a-kind document. Though, of course, there is another major reason behind why America was blessed with such an outstanding governing document. Madison once wrote that “It is impossible for the man of pious reflection not to perceive in [the Constitution] the finger of that Almighty hand which has been so frequently and signally extended to our relief….” There is no doubt that a guiding force was present as our country came to be. There was, and is, a blessing placed upon this nation from the very beginning of its foundation.

But nowadays, this is being called into question. The very basis of our country is being attacked day after day. People have begun to doubt just how influential and substantial our constitution is. Not only is this disrespecting all of the research and debate that went into its creation, but it is also blatantly ignoring the divine attention embedded in the document itself. But as much as these enemies try to tear away at our original government, they will never take it down without a fight. There is a group of believers, proud to descend from our founding fathers, who stands in their way.

We are that group. We, who know and recognize the truth; We, who strive for the true freedom it protects; We, who defend our liberty every step of the way; We, who call out their tyranny; We, who will never stop pursuing the dream of our fathers. We the people.

On this Constitution Day, and every single day after, stand up for our country, what Madison and the other founders meant it to be. Make them proud.

Yours truly,


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