Ask Questions

I’m sure this last week everyone saw the numerous headlines stating the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Of course, with the emergence of this comes an onslaught of questions being thrown around like what has our president done, what have past presidents done, and even what will be done next? These are all questions that should be asked everyday, but they are avoiding the most important one: what have we, the people, done? Say this inquiry leads to a trial and the president is impeached. Then what? We get another President next year who will be no better than who we have now. This is a cycle that we as a country have felt before. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it will never get better. Unless we do something about it. Start questioning the public. The voters. The ones not voting. Question the children and their parents. Question the teachers and the community leaders. Questions yourself. How are you helping the cause? Or even more importantly, how are you encouraging this governmental tragedy? We criticize every move our leaders make but fail to see the fine print. We allow them to overstep. We allow them to break down walls. And we encourage them to do it year after year. So yes. We can “launch an inquiry” into our president and see where it leads. But maybe we should start inquiring about the everyday people a little more frequently. Because one day, we will be on trial too. And that verdict is a lot worse than a four year term cut short.

Yours Truly,


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