Celebrating the Lives of Those Who Loved Liberty

Tomorrow we will celebrate the day the Declaration of Independence was signed; the day the leaders from the united states of America officially announced they no longer wanted to be a part of a nation that was ruled by such a merciless tyrant. Now, we are taught that this was exactly what everyone wanted and that it was the sole purpose of fighting the War for Independence to begin with, but it is important to realize the war was not started with the intent of becoming independent, nor was that something everyone wanted. The war began so those living in the united states could take back their liberty and remind the tyrant they would not allow him to take it from them again. When they eventually realized he was not going to give them back what they desired, they decided the only solution was to separate themselves from the nation being governed by that tyrant. Trust me when I say this was not an easy thing for them to do. The wise men who took the initiative to do this knew they would have to sacrifice their money and time in order to make it work. If they could have, they would have been more than happy to stay in a position that gave them protection and already had an organized government, but not unless they had their freedoms. They cherished liberty in such a way that they were willing to sacrifice and endure so much, in order to protect it. As we celebrate Independence Day, I hope we will all remember the amazing men and women who cherished liberty to the point that they were willing to die for it. I hope we can all remember their sacrifices, and use them as motivation to take back what they fought for. Let us use this day as a reminder that we can all fight for liberty, as they did hundreds of years ago, and cherish it as they did. They fought so we could have liberty, and I believe they are still urging us to continue working to restore it today so what they fought for would not have been in vain. Independence Day, is a day we celebrate the freedoms we have, but please realize that unless we act now, the freedoms we do have will be taken away.

Yours truly,


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