Be Virtuous, Be Brave, Be a Leader

Martin Luther King Jr. taught, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

How often do you see something needs to be done but think “it’s alright, someone else will do it”? Whether it something small like picking up a piece of trash or something bigger like helping someone out, we all tend to be followers every once in a while and not leaders, hoping someone will take the first step so we can follow safely behind.

In the fight to restore liberty, you could be risking a lot; acceptance from the world, an easy and carefree life, and a government that gives you whatever you want. This is why, I believe, there are so many of us who are afraid to be the first ones to share the message of liberty and to fight to take it back, because there is much to lose and frankly, it is scary. It is much easier to find someone who has already begun the fight and just follow closely in their shadow, hiding from those who might use it against you. Today, however, we are in desperate need of more brave and virtuous leaders who are willing to stand up before the world and declare the things they know to be true so we can get more people to join the fight and eventually restore liberty. It cannot be done alone and it cannot be done if we choose to sit and watch from a safe distance. We need to follow the examples of the Founding Fathers and not allow the influence of the tyrant to scare us off, but willing to take the first step needed to restore liberty. Be virtuous, be brave, and be a leader.

Yours truly,


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