Demonstrating Gratitude

Yesterday, we celebrated Memorial Day and were all reminded of all those who have sacrificed so much and have demonstrated amazing courage and patriotism. We are so grateful for the examples all of these men and women have shown and for their constant bravery and dedication.

While taking a day off to remember all of these sacrifices that have been made is a good way to show our gratitude, another way we can thank them even more is to show them we care for the liberty they were trying to give us. If we ignore the duty we have to restore liberty, then we are ignoring the sacrifices that have been made because of it. As mentioned last week, we cannot procrastinate virtue and liberty, but need to be constantly striving for it now. Benjamin Franklin taught that “lost time is never found again”. We have been given this time now to make an impact and restore liberty. We cannot waste this precious time, but instead must use it to do as much as we can. This is the best way we can prove to those men and women that we truly appreciate their sacrifices. As you continue to remember those examples and sacrifices, I urge you to think of what you can do to restore the liberty they were fighting for.

Yours truly,


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