State of Mind

A fellow patriot and good friend of mine said to me, “I’ve realized something. About our tendencies. We often describe ourselves in absolutes. Like we say ‘I’m lazy’, or ‘I’m not smart’, or ‘I’m weak’, or

‘I’m not good enough’ but that’s not true. ‘I’ve been acting lazy’, ‘I don’t understand right now’, ‘I have weakness’, and ‘I am working working towards achieving that goal’ are all correct and a better mindset.”

We often say things as if there is no room for change, like the classic excuse, “that’s just the way I am”, when in reality each and every one of us has flaws that can all be made better if we are constantly working towards bettering ourselves. We must be progressing, instead of telling ourselves we are one way and that is the only way we will ever be. Sometimes it’s difficult looking at those things about yourself you want to change, and it’s even more difficult to put in the work to do so, but if we neglect to do so, we will never be able to accomplish anything and we will doom ourselves to staying the way we are. People say mindset is half the battle, and that can be true. If you tell yourself you can never be more than what you are now, you have already given up and won’t be able to accomplish what you could have if you have believed that you could. I urge you fellow patriots, to work towards bettering yourselves daily and to never give in to the lie that you will never be able to change. You have more potential than what you see.

Yours truly,


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